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H Exports is a leading 4WD wrecker in Dandenong, Melbourne. We love 4WD cars and pay for them with generous amount of cash. Particularly we like diesel powered 4WDs because these cars are awesome machines.

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Get Cash for Your 4WD Today

If you have a 4WD car that you want to move on from, then we are the best place to sell your unwanted 4WD to. 4WD cars are known for their performance and power around the world. Even if you think your 4WD car is out-dated and end-of-life car, there is still so much left in it. We know that and that’s why we buy them no matter what condition they are in. We pay top and best cash for 4WDs in Dandenong and Melbourne.

4WD cars are sought after vehicles among all wreckers in Australia in particular the ones with diesel engines. They have great value even in their worst conditions. So do not get ripped off if you have a 4WD car for sale because they are worth more than what you might be thinking. Call the team at H Exports because we know how valuable they are overseas.

Great Prices for All Make and Model 4WDs

Get cash for all 4WDs today with H Exports. We offer competitive prices to take your unwanted 4WD car off your hands. Whether your 4WD is completely broken or just in perfect working condition, we accept all of them, no matter the age, condition, make or model.

We use all these 4WDs to sell as parts, so we want to offer you a good price for your 4WD. You could receive up to $10000 cash for an unwanted 4WD depending on its age and condition.

Don’t Sell your 4WD for Scrap

Selling your 4WD for scrap might be the last thing you want to do. But with H Exports offering up to $10000 cash payments, you have the choice of turning your unwanted 4WD into some really wanted cash.

A lot of the parts from your 4WD would be reusable. At H Exports, we dismantle all 4WD cars with respect and responsibility. We take out all the working parts and recycle them so we get a fair use out of every part.

Simply contact us today and we will give you a free quote ASAP. Please have your vehicle details on hand so we can give you an accurate quote. Call us today.

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